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a bolt-operated, magazine fed, .30-caliber rifle used by the US Army esp. in World War 1.
i used by good 'ol springfield to cap some of that german scum
by iRishRepublicanaRmy January 02, 2004
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The Springfiel M1903 rifle was originaly designed and produced for the Spanish-American War. As a very simple but highly accurate bolt action weapon that must reloaded one shell at a time, it was quickly favored as a sniper's rifle. During World War Two, many of these outdated rifles were modified by snipers for further, more extensive use. Barrel rifling was intensified and 4X scopes were mounted and the weapon again seen mas production. However, it's very slow rate of fire made it usles in close quaters combat, so it remain only one of the best sniper's weapons of the war.
The famed woman snipers of the Canadian Armed Forces were ecspecialy deadly with the sights of the Springfield rifle during WW2.
by Mark T. July 22, 2005
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