A phrase usually at the bottom of unfinished macro memes, more commonly found in ironic formats where it's left there intentionally.
Guy 1 : Dude, did you get that bottom text meme I sent you last night?

Guy 2 : What the fuck, how is this even remotely funny?

Guy 1 : You just don't get it, it's a self aware meme!

Guy 2 : Shut up, this is why no one talks to you.
by woodoot January 16, 2017
Bottom Text
Bottom Text:Bottom Text
by 69420keeanureeves March 26, 2021
1: The act of having a funny conversation with an acquaintance & you tell a brief statement, however your friend thought there would be a punchline.

2: the act of conversing with an acquaintance while trying to make a joke, but then you decide not to finish it for a myriad of reasons,(offensive, unfunny, etc.), placing you in an awkward position, so you say: "Bottom Text," hoping your friend is a dank memer.

These both reference the standard 2009 meme generator and recent influx of ironic memes/deep fried memes:"when a nigga;
Bottom Text"
A: So I went to the mall today
B: yeye nigga
B: ...and?
A: sorry my nigga, I was just bottom texting.

A: Yanno, what's the point of jews? They..
B: *with mild triggered expression* Hmm. Go on.
A: Bottom Text.
B: Nigga stop Bottom Texting!
by BennnyG January 13, 2018
When your a bottom in sex and they ain't doing good so you pull out your phone.
Person one"Why didn't you come with the boys yesterday?"
Person two"I should have, but I letting my girl ride me"
Person one"Thats better than hanging with us"
Person two"No, I was bottom texting"
by mhcool10 March 21, 2017
A tone signifier used at the end of a sentence, Indicating the speaker believes the things said before the phrase "Bottom Text" Should be common knowledge or is something that is very easily discovered and/or Learned. Similar to "Duh".
A: I thought it was fine. Why does everyone think that I meant that hateful shit?! Twitter is fucking insane!

B: Because we live in a Post-Trump Society, Bottom text. What do you expect?
by Yes Homo June 3, 2021
We your smashing and the person on the bottom starts texting someone
Man he was making me bored while smashing so I started to bottom text my friend
by Es me November 6, 2017