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1: The act of having a funny conversation with an acquaintance & you tell a brief statement, however your friend thought there would be a punchline.

2: the act of conversing with an acquaintance while trying to make a joke, but then you decide not to finish it for a myriad of reasons,(offensive, unfunny, etc.), placing you in an awkward position, so you say: "Bottom Text," hoping your friend is a dank memer.

These both reference the standard 2009 meme generator and recent influx of ironic memes/deep fried memes:"when a nigga;
Bottom Text"
A: So I went to the mall today
B: yeye nigga
B: ...and?
A: sorry my nigga, I was just bottom texting.

A: Yanno, what's the point of jews? They..
B: *with mild triggered expression* Hmm. Go on.
A: Bottom Text.
B: Nigga stop Bottom Texting!
by BennnyG January 13, 2018
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