Euphemism for recreational marijuana; used when you want to have a conversation about weed in front of any audience;
You: Hey man, wanna read some textbooks after class? I just bought 2 pages
Friend: Nice! Let's get all knowledged up
by bassiibear November 20, 2010
A very long, exceptionally boring "book," used for teaching and torture. Usually on a subject along the lines of math, history and science. Often heavy.
Dude, my history textbook takes up so much room in my backpack!
by studybudy June 13, 2008
typical, good example of that type of behaviour, does that thing all the time,t.b.,
often followed by the person's name
everytime i bump into her she says 'we gotta get together' (but we never do)...textbook
he bought another pair of black shoes...textbook!
by von tunkel July 2, 2010
A combonation of texting and facebook. Parents think you are studying, but your really texting and using facebook.
Mom: Are you studying?

Some kid: Yes, I'm using my "textbook"
by smartass97 May 18, 2010
(v.) to send an exceptionally long text message
"Dude, I've got a thumb cramp from sending a textbook to Erin."
by Jennifer Fitch February 25, 2007
a mix between texting and facebook. if you are texting while on facebook, it is textbooking. so technically you are studying.
he is addicted to textbooking.
by xMerlonx March 13, 2011
When engaging in intercourse the male pulls out before climax, ejaculating on the inner thigh of the female, then the male closes the females legs and rubs them together, mushing the ejaculate around and leaving to dry
I gave her a good old the textbook like back in collage
by Hugh alison July 10, 2014