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When one inserts a large texas toasted sausage link (with the diameter of 6 inches) into the anus of their partner and twists it while slowly pushing it upward until it reaches the intestines, forcing them to rotate there body in an attempt to adjust their self into a comfortable position.
the other night, me and my wife did the texas twist. i turned the sausage so fast she twisted and kicked me right in the face.
by Qtip 29 June 24, 2011
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An advanced maneuver involving the pursuit of two co-eds simultaneously. Originated in Texas but may be accomplished nationwide. Accomplished by traveling to a locale to visit one female, and scheduling a visit with another without getting caught.
DK performed the Texas Twist by going to visit Kristin in Austin, having her drop him off at the airport, and immediately picked up by Lindsey thinking he had just arrived. Bonus: Kristin may have paid for the ticket!
by Whispering White Dude January 06, 2005
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