a type a girl who attracts ugly ass dudes and she is a ratchet ass hoe! Who loves her best friend carson
Dang tete you talk to him
by Jacob Kruger July 18, 2017
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Trigger word commonly used to initiate manic behavior in relation to assaulting bystanders with furniture.
"Te-te!" shouted James, as he threw the desk at Kyle.
by Yama Gata April 07, 2021
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tete is a nickname of kim taehyung a member of the kpop group called BTS. he, his members and his fans like to call him tete when he acts cute
did y'all watch today's run episode? tete looked extra cute today
by hoseok218 May 17, 2021
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the sweetest and most precious person to ever walk on this planet. if you come across a tete, hold them close. they deserve all of your love and compassion. they'll give it to you without you having to ask
"I want to give Tete the world, they're so precious and comforting. My comfort place"
by sugapricity November 18, 2020
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