1. Of or on the male body, and sometimes female body (but don't tell no one). A way of expressing your manhood.

2. A hippopotamus wearing a skirt.
1. We're men, MEN!, manly men, the kind of men that have big testiculars.

2. That is one big testicular!
by Noltons6 August 19, 2009
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The confluence of dismemberment and crushing implemented through a barehanded act of anger, leading to profuse bloodshed from the testicles.
Ray is going to testicularize the broker if the broker fucks him over.
by PF Blowhard July 12, 2018
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Testicular + peculiarities : cockup stuff males never admit as wrongdoing! And just go blame it on their male hormonal make-up... , y'know?

I liked that word so much, I searched my 'wordrobe' for more and here's what I found (you'll be gobshite-smacked!):
-MACHOs: males acting childish, hormonal and obnoxious!
-egotesticles: egotistical testicles! HAHA!
-testyria: testicular hysteria!
-testosterone-poisoning: an excuse whenever you miss up stuff so bad!
-MAS: male-answer syndrome, or 'manswer'... is the tendency for a male to come up fast with a random answer even if he has zip idea what's he talking about, fueled by testosterone!
Testicularities? Heh, you telling me? Blame it on the T!
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
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Aka: Blue Balls.

Either to be teased to erection and have no release of Semen.

To not have got laid in a while
Dude my balls hurt its beyond blue balls... i think i have Testicularitis!!!!
by Dj JynXx July 21, 2006
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1. A man's degree of brazenness, resiliance and testicular fortitude.
2. A measure of how ballsy someone is.
3. The ability to stomach that which is unwholesome.
He was able to negotiate the car salesman's price down even lower, thanks to his brutish testicularity.
by Jim Sammartino May 16, 2008
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A Disease in males that stops sperm production and increases calcium in kidneys
My Nigga Has Testicularitis
by Ball Desease May 07, 2021
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