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When one attempts to find out if someone that they are into would date them / is interested in them.
Person 1: "I don't think she would be interested..."
Person 2: "Dude, Test the Waters!"
by jcrabmeatr June 10, 2019
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-- when you have no idea if something works, and you go at it tentatively
-- metaphorically like sticking your finger in coffee or tea to see if too hot
was just testing the waters, wasn't really serious
by quickify February 22, 2017
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The act of uncovering your nostrils after someone blows a hardcore fart where you in turn block your nose/mouth with a blanket.
"So does it still smell like rotten eggs and day old White Castle in here? I guess I'll test the waters."
by Chim Richels March 30, 2008
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After finger fucking your girls dripping cheeseburger, give her a hug and sneakily sniff your juiced up fingers to see if she's safe to go down on for the growl....
Jayson: Hey simmo, did you test the waters on that amazon/cave dwelling lookin bitch?
Simmo: Yeah, she smelt like a dead ferret, but i still went it anyway!
by Dicko_81 May 24, 2007
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When a man sticks his toes in a woman’s vagina to “test the waters”, similar to how someone might stick their toes in a pool to test the temperature.
Before I had sex last night, I had to test the waters to make sure there was nothing wrong with her vagina.
by Bopmeister May 14, 2018
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Testing waters is workout champs who try 2 sets squatting and never use the exercise ever in lifetime again.
Jessica workout mania champ tried 2 sets of testing the waters barbell squats and has never touched the exercise again in lifetime. Hecne the term for workout champs trying squatting in weightlifting 2 wimpy testing the waters sets.
by Robbie Robinson August 22, 2009
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