the act of placing the finger(usually the middle finger)inside a woman's sex cavity
i saw the sally finger fucking while talking on the phone
by misterO July 30, 2003
Using fingers to enter a girl's vagina. Usually parcticed as safer sex or to preserve virginity.
Jim's not the one I want to lose my virginity to, but he can finger fuck my pussy all he wants. It hurt and I left a cherry stain on his bed when he took my finger virginity, but I love it now.
by BRD October 29, 2004
in order to fuck a woman with your fingers.
I slipped my hand into her panties and finger-fucked her warm wet pussy,
by firefly8007 June 5, 2006
sex fuck pussy vagina cunt twat orgasm
To insert one or more fingers into a vagina for sexual pleasure. It can also be when the clit is rubbed to bring on an orgasm. It is often done as foreplay to get the female wet enough for sex or by guys who aren't 'up' for having sex
Guy: Want to fuck?
Girl: I can't, I'm not wet.
Guy: I'll finger fuck you to get you wet.
Girl: Ok.
by CraiggyBoy2kaii7 May 22, 2007
Military jargon for fidgeting with things or handling things unnecessarily. Also refers to handling things improperly.
-Stop finger fucking your rifles and listen up!
by mumau July 25, 2008
finger fuck can also be used to imply that someone is handling or looking at an object too much
Ex. 1 Tommy was a known ball hog, he would rather finger fuck the ball instead of passing it.

Ex. 2 I don't wont any of the cake now after you have finger fucked it to death!
by missdreoutlaw April 29, 2008