4 definitions by weasel 72

Euphanisims used in serial to the point no one understands what the hell the person is talking about.
BUNGEISIM:"That guy was more useless than a duck on a junebug and dumber than a box of rocks"

translation: he's a useless dumb shit.
by weasel 72 November 17, 2006
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The nick name of a semi well known poet based in Long Beach California
Hey, lets go to the bar on 7th Dropcock is there reading some really groovy poetry.
by weasel 72 December 9, 2010
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Acute chest pain, ST elevation, chest pain with exertion.
The pt has tesoro syndrome, he will need a CABG or stent very soon!
by weasel 72 July 11, 2008
the process of a hospital calling the LA county medical alert center to present an uninsured patient. the private hospital staff is strongly advised by their management to get the uninsured bums,drug addicts, drunks and hood rats to a county hospital.
we need to mac out the pancreatitis in bed 6 he has no insurance!

by weasel 72 April 25, 2007
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