4 definitions by Skai Jackson

The biggest tweak in the multiverse. This slender being will sprint around on electromagnetic spectrums only autistic children can sense. She will make out with your best friend and she’ll run into walls at lightning velocity.

Watch out she’s kinky too- she wants to be tied to the bed and have her hair pulled. Incest is not a problem she kissed her cousin!

Don’t get her drunk. She has the ability to create a tear in reality and add or remove people’s chromosomes.

Alli Williams is a mythical beast.
Hide the Vodka, Alli Williams just showed up and I don’t want to loose my chromosomes to her!
by Skai Jackson April 12, 2019
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That girl in my Spanish class who has a penis and participated in sexual activities with bee hives.
Oh shit, Malia Mills is here
by Skai Jackson April 10, 2019
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A Ginger Princess with a fuming anger sensation. There’s a whole spectrum of anger!
Level 1- Is slightly mad and stubborn
Level 2- Will not talk to you and has an angry expression on her face
Level 3- Starts to argue and spits out flames every now and then

Level 4- Starts turning red and she defiles your soul with hatred and anger. Also begins to crave Wendy’s.
Level 5- Her ginger hair ignites in a beautifully malignant wildfire and she reaches within your body, rips your soul out, and eats it while your limp body falls to the ground.

A great friend to have because she will scorchingly lynch all those who oppose her or those who are close to her.
It’s getting cold out here, let’s get Sydney Riddle mad so we can start a fire to heat up.
by Skai Jackson April 10, 2019
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A suburban spoiled ass school. The system is like one giant anal shafting that leads you bleeding and stupid by the time you’re done with it. Filled with retarded freshmen doing heroin and fingering cats, sophomores getting railed by horny seniors, and juniors that nobody gives a fuck about. Too many e-girls and e-boys giving each other oral in the prison-like bathrooms. Not even sure how this school is ranked in the top 100 in the U.S. Santa Margarita is so much better than TESORO in every sports, extra-curricular, and academic area that THS doesn’t even deserve to have such an advanced school as it’s rival. Good luck going anywhere in your stoopid lives titans!
I’m not surprised that those retards at Tesoro High School got caught doing BDSM with their P.E. teacher.
by Skai Jackson April 10, 2019
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