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A fold of extra skin that is very sensitive to touching squeezing and tugging.
Also known as terryflaps, holdyfolds, foldyholes, etc...
Hey! Did you ever wanna hold a terryfold? I got one right here.
Grab my terryflap, grab it, squeeze it, tug on my terryflap.
by Sus Gus Bus August 28, 2017
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Terryfolds also known as Terry flaps are in reference to Scary Terry's chin which also looks like testicles. Terryfolds are the saggy scrotum skin of a large testicles which hang low where the extra skin makes Folds or flaps from the base of the dick to mid taint. Terry hole is in reference to a ass hole or dick hole or both. Also known as holdy Flappy Folds, Flappy foldy holds, fold flaps, Terry fold flaps, holdy flaps, big flap, Coldy folds, foldy tolds, foldy folds ect.
Suck my holdy flappy folds
Lick my flappy foldy holds
My terry flaps in your mouth

Squeeze it, grab it, squeeze and tug on my terry flap

Grab my terryfolds
by Skruffyjohnson August 10, 2019
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a Terry fold, (or Terry Folds), is a part of the body where you can grab onto, during the act of lovemaking. it is when a large access of fat is created on the male's body, which can be used as handle bars.
"Hey, did you ever wanna hold a Terry fold? I got one right here. Grab my Terry flap".
by notricksanchez August 28, 2017
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The extra skin around the balls that when loose create folds one ontop of another.
Did you ever want to hold my terryfold?

Grab my terryfolds.

You gotta touch them. My terryfolds.
by Dirty Vapes August 28, 2017
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Most famous for denoting gender non-confirming genital flaps of non-binary and transgender citizens. Popularized by Rick and Murray on Adult Swim®️ to be generally used by Cishet to denote their genitals. The gender neutral name Terry Folds was given by Johnson and Johnson in 1958
Grab my terryfold flaps
Grab my flappy folds
Grab my terry folds
Grab my foldy flaps
by FlanneryOhOhOh November 04, 2019
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