A fold of extra skin that is very sensitive to touching squeezing and tugging.
Also known as terryflaps, holdyfolds, foldyholes, etc...
Hey! Did you ever wanna hold a terryfold? I got one right here.
Grab my terryflap, grab it, squeeze it, tug on my terryflap.
by Sus Gus Bus August 28, 2017
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The extra skin around the balls that when loose create folds one ontop of another.
Did you ever want to hold my terryfold?

Grab my terryfolds.

You gotta touch them. My terryfolds.
by Dirty Vapes August 28, 2017
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terryfolds, also known as holdyfolds, terryflaps, holdy flaps, and other names, are the folds on your schmoobleblerp. your schmoobleblerp is responsible for marping and slurmping your schlambel, and the terryfolds help protect it from lambelskarps
My terryfolds are itching.
by Karbonkel May 31, 2018
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