Mispronounced form of Terrorist. Listen to George W. Bush speak, and you'll hear him say it.
"We must be strong and viligant, and unite ourselves against these terrists."
by The Grapist May 29, 2004
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Someone who's dedication to the land that feeds them is greater than their dedication to the autocrats claiming to dictate the terms of their connection to that land. "Terrist" from "terra", Latin for "Earth."`
"Fucking terrists sabotaged the log-cutting machine again."
by Jeremiah Junken June 6, 2006
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A term used by unintelligent folks whose vindictive nature leads to inane actions such as spray-painting misspellings of the word "terrorist" on others' property.
That couple in California was supposedly harboring terrists, but I guess Fox News was wrong.
by TheJay August 26, 2005
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‘Terristic’ is a word you use when you want to describe something that’s terrific and fantastic at the same time. It ultimately gives more power to your sentence, with a word thats two great things in one. Use it carefully though, for it holds potential.
Emma’s skateboard trick was so terristic! Did you see it?”
by spoonstr June 18, 2022
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