The term for when a person has gotten so deep into social media that they dedicate themselves to issues that have no relevance in their day to day life
My friend has spent the last 3 days arguing on twitter about how a foreign fan artist is depicting their favorite character. I'm afraid they are just terminally online at this point
by Sagalink January 2, 2021
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A person who is considered “Terminally Online” is a man/woman who constantly sits on the internet, with barely any outside time, and almost 0 human interaction, other than online arguments
Person A: Hey, have you heard of {Blank}?
Person B: Yeah, that guy is terminally online!
by TheInternetSnake October 28, 2022
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A term for people who spend too much time on the internet used only by people who spend too much time on the internet.
Jeff: "Nick is one of those 'terminally online' 32-year-old stunted ex-teenagers who exists only for neo-con memes and MRA forums."
Ronald: "Jeff, what the hell are you talking about?"
by burnertoast May 8, 2022
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A term used to describe a person who cannot engage in carefree fun or interact normally anymore because their views and behaviors have been warped from spending too much time in niche social and political bubbles online. Their entire bodies are tightly clenched all day and they are never really relaxed - they must keep vigil for anyone who fails their purity test so they can sound the alarms and give in to their repressed feral tendencies to burn you at the stake.

Their lives slowly devolve into performatively getting upset in public to bolster their credibility with other terminally online people until they have scared off every normal person in their life.

Though most frequently seen on the political left (where many of them have come to the internet to escape reality due to being emotionally frail and heavily disordered), the right has their own share of terminally online nonsense, usually manifesting as conspiracy theories and a persecution complex.
George: "Until I went on the internet, I've never heard anyone literally say 'r-slur'."
Jamal: "Yeah, it's just something overly sensitive people who are terminally online made up."

Debbie: "Have you gotten vaccinated yet?"
Rose: "And get a chip put in me? Not a chance."
Debbie: "Oh no, I had no idea you were so terminally online."
by BiggestBatman March 24, 2022
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Terminally online is a psychological condition that occurs when someone has spent so much time online they can no longer function normally in real life.

There is no one aspect of internet usage or any particular website that makes someone terminally online; rather the condition describes the result of said usage, and becoming terminally online can be the result of nearly all online activity done in excess.

Symptoms of being Terminally Online:
-lack of social skills
-extremely esoteric political opinions
-extensive knowledge of chris chan
-apathy to real life success
-inability to relate to peers
-antisocial behavior and beliefs
After spending years on a conspiracy website, Tyler became convinced he is being gangstalked and lost his job. He has become Terminally Online.

Emily spent her entire childhood on Tumblr, and now she cannot form real life relationships due to social anxiety and acute awareness of minor social issues. She has become Terminally Online.
by Dingledorgle October 16, 2023
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You're a discord groom victim that hasn’t went to therapy yet.
Duke is Terminally Online and he needs to talk to someone close that he can trust
by SSB Deuce October 18, 2021
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The term to refer to some individual whom spends their entire lifes (Or at leat a good part of them) sitting at the computer and mainly having interactions with individuals whom they don't know in real life.

The term is better used for talking about individuals who specifically spend their time in the internet, not just "gaming".

They can be typically found on platforms like "Reddit" or "X" (Formerly "Twitter"), a lot of the time they are positioned on the political left, (They are usually "Woke"), but some individuals that have been called "Neckbeards" by the internet advocate for a more traditional family model of a father, a house-working mother and children. They are characterized to love Japanese animated series (Anime), and sometimes they are pedophiles (It also happens with the "Wokes").
Individual 1: nixxie_the_pansexual: "what? u don advocat for trans drag rigthtz on children??''21'!1!!11?!!?'"1111 U JUST WANNA KILL CHILDURN!!!!11!>!!!1!!11!!!1!!11111
Individual 2: loli_lover_69: You disgusting woke fagg*t, you just care for making children adjust to your ideals!
Individual 3: John.B.Harrison: "Holy fucking shit, you guys fucking care for the most stupid fucking bullshit ever, you're posting bullshit 24/7, you guys are straight-up terminally online, KYSELVES!"
by da world. August 8, 2023
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