An expression to use when someone is very upset, angry etc. "Temper temper!" could be something like: "Easy now, get a grip!"
"Temper temper, my dear! No harm done..."
by MichelP February 4, 2008
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Temperance is the virtue of moderation and self-control in anything, but especially in indulgence in pleasures. Temperance, in the large sense of moderation or self-control, was the characteristic Greek virtue.
To consciously limit oneself in guility pleasures such as substances to make the individual "feel" better
by Chris Johnston February 21, 2003
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to be extra sensitive to temperature changes; a combination of the words temperature and sensitive
someone is temperative if they are too cold or too hot when everyone around them is comfortable
by andyrandles October 24, 2008
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A girl who is indifferent, sarcastic, and bipolar. The complete opposite of what her name means- 'moderation and self control'. She cares a lot about friends and is very loyal, but doesn't like to show it. She can be very proud, too, and doesn't like to accept help from others. Generally doesn't trust either.

Might curse a lot.
You: You're bipolar.

Temperance: No shit sherlock, what gave you the first clue?
by Leslie Z. April 1, 2010
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Rate of a temperature increase. The first derivative of a temperature over time function.
The temperate of the sun is rather constant while the temperate of an explosion is parabolic.
by fastmonkeywheels July 10, 2009
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1) to feel "in the middle. You're not extremely happy or sad, in the middle.
2) Moderate, not
1) "What's up?" Nm just boolin, highkey temperate

2) That test was hella hard. I think I failed." "Nah, to me it was kinda temperate"
by Klapping with Kermit September 24, 2016
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