A beautiful short girl, resembling Tinkerbell. She has a great sense of humor, but Tellas seem to fall up stairs at an alarming rate.
You see that Tella there? She just fell up some stairs, the silly girl.
by Brandonnnnnnnnnnnn February 6, 2009
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The prettiest girl on the planet. If u see or know a girl named Tellas, bang her there and now. She can moan so beautifully that it will sound like she’s singing. A tellas is so nice and for really I can’t live with out a tellas in my life.
by Well cool ya dawg January 12, 2020
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tyler + ella 4 life 🥰😍😘
"tella is the best ship everrrr!"
by .bestie4life. May 7, 2021
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Just like regular Nutella, but with a salty surprise.
Chocolate 69 grams
Cocoa 30 grams
Hazelnut 40 grams
Banana x 2
Human Semen 8 litres

Nut-tella Serves 1
by PedoBear3000 August 9, 2019
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The state of the ass fecal matter devoloped around the anus after anal penetration
I gave Tyrone some of my Ass-tella last night.
by Spunk-Munkee September 22, 2016
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A "Tella Wella" is a really cringy person tbh
"Hey Tella Wella"
by Raaaawrrrrrrxd April 27, 2022
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Best underrated artist coming out of New York. No one can flow like Yvng Tella, he can do everything. He's just the best.
Yvng Tella is the best upcoming rapper/artist in the music industry!
by DMoney23NoJordan September 23, 2022
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