Once trend, now status quo of spending more virtual time with our fellow human beings than actual face-time.
The act of living through social media, online games, email and text-messages rather than picking up the phone (as initially intended) to CALL another person or as a means to truly "stay in touch" via conversation or to facilitate actual get-togethers or live social events.
A reliance on having numerous online "followers" that staves off loneliness the way a picnic ora good, old-fashioned softball game with friends, acquaintances and family members once did.
Like telecommuTing, a form of attendance and human interaction we can manage from "virtually" anywhere, diminishing the need for proximity with family, friends and coworkers.
"Thanks to telecommuting and telecommuning I never need to leave the house!"
"Ashley is super popular. She telecommunes with her 19,000 closest friends all the time!"
by TheSquidGirl May 23, 2014
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Telecommunicatively. when one communicates to another person via Telecommunications, they are communicating telecommunicatively
Scott Never answers his phone, he is the most telecommunicatively rude person I have ever met.
by TravICE July 20, 2010
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A sex act in which two or more people stimulate themselves sexually, either with hands or toys, while on the phone with each other. This act is often practiced by those in a long distance relationship.
We should get some telecommunicative mutual masturbation action going on; I'm so horny.
by bloodytv May 08, 2010
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Best school in china to learn computer science.
Graduates from Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication are welcomed by the best software companies in china.
by zuduge May 30, 2019
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To talk to someone using a phone. Used instead of the word "call".
Hey baby, what's your number? I'll telecommunicate you.
by Bilal H. December 14, 2010
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