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Tehani is a person who will love like no other. She’s smart, beautiful, and has the most beautiful smile. Tehani’s usually have black or brown hair and have great bodies. They are truly one of a kind. Whatever life throws at them , they come back a billion times stronger. No one compares to a Tehani.
Girl 1 - Who’s that girl over there?
Girl 2 - That’s Tehani , she’s beautiful huh?

Girl 1 - I want to be like her
by issmepatrick July 02, 2018
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The Tahitian word for 'love child' or 'loved one'. People named Tehani are often exotic looking, beautiful, and extremely creative. They are true individuals, and have a strong sense of self. Fun to be around and outgoing, they are sure to be a hit with the guys.
Guy 1: Wow, who is that?

Guy 2: She's a Tehani...pretty great huh?
by elfhatpassion707 January 24, 2011
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A girl who’s beyond gorgeous and smart. She’ll rock your world and make you the happiest guy in the world. If you ever come across a Tehani , don’t ever let her go.
Wow look at her , she’s a tehani!”
by issmepatrick July 01, 2018
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She is very pretty,loyal,and very funny! She is shy but is funny,and crazy when you get to know her. She will make you laugh. She has a great personality. She is caring and an amazing person! She will be a very good,funny,pretty,sweet,caring friend to you!
Is that Tehani?
Yeah isnt she so pretty! She is amazing!!
by ooooooooofffffffffffffffffffff February 28, 2019
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This is a name you give a girl who's incredibly insecure, jealous, and most likely ugly. She's half goblin and infects anyone she touches
She's a real tehani
by Champion808 April 19, 2018
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