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Teel is not just one person but and an entire group of people. These people originate from bergen county. In Northern New Jersey. Everylast one of them boy or girl are naturally gifted athletes. From football and baseball all the way to golf and lacrosse "teels" dominate the playing field in everyway. They are looked up to as icons by many people, and many strive to be like these people. Even though for another group of people to be as gifted as "teels" is nearly impossible"
non teel="damn you teels are good at everything"

teel="yeah we know that already"
by abdcefghijklmonpqrstuvwxyz August 09, 2007
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Vudu'boi is not leet yet but he is not teel like Odishua.
by Maryk March 14, 2005
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