Being talked down to by someone who assumes that you cannot possibly know about or understand anything about computers and/or software. Can be used in both the transitive and intransitive.
1) Once again, she assumed that I was a complete idiot, and techsplained to me just how simple the software really is. 2) Actually, I don't want to use that app., so you don't need to techsplain to be how simple it is.
by FitToPrint May 13, 2015
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the helpful explanation of something related to technology by someone who knows a good amount about it.
Ask her to techsplain, she is an engineer!
by agdgagdg June 24, 2021
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When a user in an online tech support forum, especially on reddit, responds to a specific technical question with unsolicited hardware/software advice, personal endorsements of unrelated technology, unrelated tangents, or put-downs about the asker's use of technology or level of technical ability. Portmanteau of "technology" and "mansplaining".
User 1: "I have a Windows 7 PC that keeps freezing every time I start a certain program. Can anyone help me figure out why it's doing this?"
User 2: "Bro wtf, why are you still using Windows 7? Are you a complete moron? Just upgrade to Windows 11 already. It's so much better. If your computer still runs Windows 7, you're living in the fucking dark ages. Get a laptop with a Ryzen CPU and at least 32GB of RAM. It's better for gaming and really worth the price."
User 1: "Thank you for techsplaining. Are you going to answer my question or not?"
by gorpoglorp May 14, 2022
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