A person that believes in the principles of Technocracy.
Howard is a technocrat.
by TrueTechnocrat December 12, 2003
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A big time elitist that believes scientists, engineers, programmers, etc. should run a country.
by Elitist April 7, 2004
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San Francisco's young and wealthy, tech start-up "millennial" class.
Of course, the Technocrats only drink Philz gourmet coffee.
by Gus Medina March 27, 2015
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adj; noun;

an elite group of electronic music enthusiasts, who have refined their techno music tastes through concerts and sharing music. Technocrats appreciate mainstream beats and timeless techno classics, but they believe in the evolution of this rhythmic music genre. They avoid stagnant and tired songs and sounds. They believe the envelope is meant to be pushed, not to continuously rehash the same bullshit.
Yes, I am a technocrat. And yes, I thought the Deadmau5 set at EDC 2010 was slow and boring.
by ZombiePhobe September 7, 2010
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"Technocratic Ascensionism" is an idea that a person named "Kieran" made, so he can actually define his plan to assist upcoming generations with the gift of knowledge and wisdom.

Many may confuse this for "Intellectual Ascensionism" which Kieran describes as "A dumpster fire on wheels"

The idea for this plan came from his interesting time growing up, He believes that people at a young age lack a drive to improve themselves with wisdom and knowledge, The actions for this form of "Ascension" include

1. Assisting the receiver of this "Ascension" with problems they may be experiencing by giving them an opinion from a different prospective and/or giving them direct requests for what to do based on previous experiences.
2. The receiver of this "Ascension" at one point needs to go against some of knowledge given to them.
3. And finally the receiver of this "Ascension" needs to realize the use of this knowledge can benefit them immensely. (From part 2) and that they should be more open to receive any form of knowledge and/or wisdom.

The most desired outcome if for this is for the to continue the cycle by causing the receiver to gain desire to gain both, knowledge and wisdom to help others in the way they were helped.
Kieran: You should avoid doing that.
Brad: Why?
Kieran: Because it caused something really bad to happen for me.

*Brad proceeds to go against Kieran's advice and screws up spectacularly*

Kieran: told ya something bad would happen, You have just experienced Technocratic ascensionism from it's source.
Brad: Fine, I'll listen now.
by cfilor November 24, 2020
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