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In fighting games, teching is defined as the process of recovering from hit stun sooner than you would normally by waiting it out.

In smash bros, it can be done by pressing the guard button a few frames before hitting the ground.

It will look as though the character catches themselves before they hit the ground and get back on their feet. It is an important skill when going up against a character with great power that delivers strong hit stun.
Neo was able to use teching to get out of that hit stun before JC could throw a more serious blow.
by Huu December 26, 2013
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Teching: To pretend you know what you are doing, when really all you do is restore the defaults, And send a Ping.

If all else fails, you can always do a trusted reboot.
My internet doesnt work. We need to do some teching... Restore the defaults. If that doesnt work, we dont support it.
by heather and james January 24, 2008
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A code-name or nickname for the act of having sex.
Dani: What'd you and Justin do last night?
Brittany: We teched.

Justine: Were you and Bryan teching on Prom?
Dani: totally ;)
by SV Soccer July 21, 2008
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To improve ones technique in some form of activity through the act of focused and sustained self-observation (and may be aided by use of tools such as shooting cell-phone video footage of one’s self)
You must be your own best tech if you want to improve.

I’m teching myself with footage I’ve shot with my phone.
by INDISCIPLINE May 23, 2018
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