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Hit stun, in fighting games, is the period of time in which a character is unable to do anything beside direction influence and teching after being hit by an attack. The amount of time it takes to recover from being stunned depends on the attack.

Hit stun is essential in combos because you need to be able to consecutively hit your opponent without them being able to escape or interrupt you.
The attack had so much hit stun, I couldn't even get back on my feet before he blew me off stage.
by Huu December 26, 2013
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A cross-counter is a counter-attack begun immediately after an opponent throws a jab, exploiting the opening in the opponent's position.

In fighting games, it is used in the same context, and it is sometimes mentioned in tournaments. Characters that have long attack animations, blocking the attack and then proceeding to counter attack while they are exiting the attack animation is considered a cross counter.
Roy's side smash takes a while to complete, so you can block it and cross counter before he finishes.
by Huu December 26, 2013
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The name of the female protagonist from the amazing game Cave Story. She is a armed scout robot that, 10 years prior to the game's start, was sent to a floating island with the protagonist Quote to destroy a great power known as the Demon Crown. She and Quote arrived later than the other robots, who had tore up the island and slaughtered many creatures. A fight ensued between the third user of the demon crown and the duo, in which Curly and Quote were able to greatly injured him, but they were defeated. They both woke up with amnesia 10 years later, although Curly at least remembered her name. When Quote meets up with her in her new home, she figures him for a Robot meaning to attack her Mimiga and attacks him. After defeating her, Quote informs her that he is a friend, and their adventure together begins. She is your best friend through the entire game and there are several instances where you potentially have the option to leave her where she is, thus ending your adventure together. However, if you are persistent and take good care of your partner, she will be there with you in the brutal final level and help you greatly, so make sure you save her!
One of the coolest female protagonists.
Curly Brace is the coolest female android ever.
by Huu March 06, 2013
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In fighting games, teching is defined as the process of recovering from hit stun sooner than you would normally by waiting it out.

In smash bros, it can be done by pressing the guard button a few frames before hitting the ground.

It will look as though the character catches themselves before they hit the ground and get back on their feet. It is an important skill when going up against a character with great power that delivers strong hit stun.
Neo was able to use teching to get out of that hit stun before JC could throw a more serious blow.
by Huu December 26, 2013
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