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uber pea uber pea he wants to eat you and me uber pea comes from outerspace he wants to eat the human race
by len April 6, 2003
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comparable to "that's how we roll," a statement which solidifies a previous action of a group.
Mark - "That party was bumpin'"
Lenny -"Yeah, cause that's how we sing"
by len September 15, 2004
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a cute korean smiley used in irc/chat like O_O^_^=^.^=
sighing, annoyed, asleep
<chick one>HA HA HA
<chick_2> stupid baka v_v *sigh*
by len May 30, 2004
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my best friend and also down bad for Kaeya, Shin and other people
“Hey did you hear the fanfic kuzusodq made about him and Kaeya?” “Yeah he needs to get punched in the face for that one”
by len June 26, 2021
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a small creature that watches the un-explored forested areas of north america.
holy fuck, thats an imp!
by len July 17, 2004
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Not very clefer saying/doing something silly.
A: r u a hindu?
B: wat????, no u weirdo
A: oh not very clefer
by len January 11, 2005
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