The tear drop a person gets while in prison is a sign of humiliation, and a sign that he was raped. The tear drop also shows to his family that he became someone elses "bitch"
The tear drop tattoo they made me get was humiliating.
by ogsmoker June 13, 2017
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Before the corruption of its meaning in the 1940s by numerous gangs, the tear drop tattoo has had an even longer history dating even as far as the 1920s. Symbolizing the loss of a loved on, be it family or freind, or for a wife when one is away at war. Despite its murder count and prison time meanings, it is a display of closure from death.
I have a tear drop tattoo under my left eye because i lost someone very close to me.
by Tattoo enthusiest September 06, 2008
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the tear drop tattoo has had many different meanings. When they were first worn they meant that the wearer had been incarcerated and or killed someone while in or out of prison. As times have changed however, the teardrop has come to symbolize a friend or fellow gang member or family member that has died while the wearer is incarcerated.
Now however the teardrop seems to have become a fad, which granted has gotten people in trouble.
It has also been used as a gang identifier. If it was on the right it meant you were a Crip or part of the Folk Nation, on the left meant Blood or People's Nation.
I had a tear drop tattoo in blue under my right eye. I went to Cali and found a lot of teenagers had a teardrop tattoo. I remember one group of teens i saw, a few of the teens had the tattoo on the right side and a few on the left. When i got mine you would never be seen with someone with a tear on the left side if you had it on the right side.
by Angel Eyez June 27, 2006
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It means many things some of the definitions are: You killed a someone depending on the amount of people you have put in the dirt you can add teardrops on. a friend, family member, gang member or someone you like has died. It could also mean you spent time in jail. It can also mean you were in a gang when you got the tattoo. It can also mean this person has sorrow and suffering in their lives. However it has become a sort of fad.

Some Famous tear drop wearers:Birdman, Lil Wayne, The Game, Krayzie Bone, Larry Hughes
Gangsta 1:*sobs* my mama just died man...
Gangsta 2:Oh Shit Nigga! That sucks man I just shot someone in the head for some money I regret dat shit...
Gangsta 1:Wanna get tear drop tattoos?
Gangsta 2:Aight.
by akhitcha343 March 26, 2008
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