word used to for anorexia as coined by some patients in psychiatric hospitals.
she's diagnoised with teapot.
by i'm a little teapot January 12, 2011
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A guy who is five foot nothing, but weighs almost 200 lbs and would like to dance with you.
Are you prejudice against teapot men? You ain't gonna dance with me, but you'll dance with the six footers, fuckin skank.
by Solid Mantis August 28, 2017
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A nice insult in Russian language for a stupid person. Usually used when referring to a family member or a close friend. While you are calling that person stupid, you still retain the fact of not insulting that person. Can also refer to a person who is been very slow. This is an insult that deliveries the insult, but the person who you are calling teapot can not really get mad at you because teapot is a "nice" sort of insult. However, you are still calling that person stupid or slow, just in a nice way.
Leave that light on, stop been such a teapot.
Oh my god, he is such a teapot.
2+2 is 4 not 5, you are a very teapot person.
by boris|red August 12, 2007
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A male whore who gets with any and every girl that will take him usually very egotistical.
Isn't he with Beth?
No, that was yesterday he got with Hannah last night.
Yeah he's such a teapot.
by Lion/of/Destiny July 31, 2010
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When a baby screams at a high pitch tone, like a teapot whistling. Slowly increasing volume and pitch.
As soon as I took the toy away, she started teapotting, so I gave it back.
by themrs06 October 19, 2014
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