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The act of killing players on the same team in a game which allows friendly fire. Teamkilling can be intentional or accidental. If it is done intentionally, it's usually out of frustration, boredom, revenge, or to get something that person has.

It is also a form of griefing, and is looked down upon by those who play the game normally.
OMG WTF HOW COME U KEEP TEAMKILLING ME OMG WTF!!!!!!!!1!1!!!11eleven vote him out!!!!1 this D00d is a gay hax0r!
by Rezel July 25, 2008
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What I spend 95% of my time doing on Call of Duty 4.

Best team killing class in COD4:
Sonic Boom
This assholes teamkilling. Everybody file a complaint and get him kicked off xbox live.
by Evil Monkey 03 November 04, 2008
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The act of killing a member of your own team (usually in a first person shooter, but i guess it applies in any game, football for example)

But let's focus on the FPS aspect of teamkilling.

We, the Teamkillers, the few, the proud. The more experienced of us have refined it into an art (LOLMAN, for example). We know the game inside and out, and have played our FPS's for unhealthy lengths of time, in many cases.

Teamkilling in a straight Team Deathmatch is not nearly as satisfying as teamkilling in a more goal oriented mode of play, like S&D (not unlike counterstrike). There, once killed, your teammates do not respawn until the round is over, which can be up to 5 mins! Imagine the frustration as you are team killed as the round starts, you plot and fry in your own juicies all throughout the round, and, as the next one starts, you are teamkilled instantly by the same person. I tell you, it's a feeling not unlike having your testes ripped out by pack of dogs. And it brings joy to our hearts to bring that feeling to you, the average game playing noob.

As a teamkiller, the most frequently asked question I get is: "Are you gay?"

The answer to that may never be known, my friends, but that is not the most important question.

The second most asked question i get is, simply, "Were you abused as a child?"

No, i keed, i keed.

The second most asked question i get is,"Why?"

And therein lies the secret of teamkilling. To "why," I always answer "For fun." This pisses them off, but it's the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Especially 30 7.9mm rounds of truth entering your buttocks at point blank range. That really hurts.

And the essence of teamkilling is FUN, fun at the average luser n00b's expense. Hell, when you get all pissed off, that just adds fuel to the fire of laughter and joy in our teamkillin' hearts.

So keep calling me a whore, cunt, etc, it only makes it funnier
A session of team-killing is excellent for stress relief, and a hell of a lotta laughs! So, put on your favorite tunes, slide in that FPS CD, and get down and dirty and kill some fucking teammates!!!


Your Best Friend,
.:|Rampant Teamkiller|:.
by Rampant Teamkiller July 07, 2004
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