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A bunch of kids whos moms took them to see "Fast and the Furious." when they actually got their licenses, they got shitty cars, and tried to put body kits on them using house flashing. hmmm
All "Ya Doods"
Kid, Whole-dup, turn down yo Kickaz. I think my mufflaz too loud. no wait, thatz my enjin. it's loud because it's a '91. good enough fo TR
by Ryan A. Stack March 16, 2004
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Ok i think the real issue in this school is the BBC. Wow probably the biggest bunch of faggots i have ever seen. A bunch of freshman who think they are big tough guys. I mean really guys... how many times do u have to get ur ass kicked before you get the picture. You all can talk so much shit when your with your "gang" but would get ur ass kicked by almost anyone in the school. I have never seen a BBC thug superstar start anything by himself cuz he knows hell get his face beat in. I mean everyone in theis school is acting childish and for some reason all the shit coems down on TR. I mean they jsut a group of kids doing what they liek to do. They dont even claim to be a legit racing team with fast cars. The funny thing is all those little freshman who think they are bad asses because they learned how to smoke a cig and where bandanas.... I mean damnit guys this is Amesbury get a fucking clue.
I do not favor either side, cuz i dont know any of these guys... but the damn freshamn are jsut makin themsleves look like fools... please go get ur asses kicked one more time and drop out now to save us some time...
by Mr. X April 29, 2004
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wow TR is the shit... who wouldnt want to be in it???? i mean you get to drive around in your massivly loud cars with the banging systems... as long as you wash danas car you can be in TR.. theres no age limit... if you want to race TR but if you do not have your permit yet.. ask for matt robinson.. he will run with you along the side of his TR pals Justin, Jim, Jeremey Dana Al Nick Ryan Tony and Wren.. but i have nothing aginest TR what so ever... although big jim hoe seems to think that us people get off to our computers.. but then again.. they get off to there cars so i guess it all works out we all get off to some non living object dont we? and we all do it atleast once in our lives... some of us more then others.. and some even more when there gay... not saying TRs gay but i did however hear that two of the members are homosexuals... nothing agiesnst that tho.. TR is awsome there the best thing since sliced bread which by the way there mothers still make there sandwiches on... pCe out TR love you all!! (stay strong and dont let these messages get to under your skin LMAO)
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This is rediclious... who does this... people are sittin here talkin madd shit about TR when honestly.. they didnt do a thing to anyone.. they drive around and get called fags... what did they do? got there licence?? O SHIT! really brian eddy justin kk fuckin whoever the fuck has a problem with TR get over it.... and alex B. you dont have much room to talk you have entrys on this thing to.. just go look under amesbury... ull find it faggot
by ... April 02, 2004
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This is a team of kids with cars that hangs out after school and has a good time in Amesbury . Everyone starts shit with us bc we go out and have a good time and rip it up with the 25 plus cars in it. We got Dana with a hot accord rockin a sound system most people cant even afford let alone behold the power of. 2 12 inch SOLOBARIC L7's and a huge amp = SHAKE THEM. Next we got justin which is temporarily outta service in the drivin department bc of things called speeding tickets which who ever wrote the previous entries doesnt understand... and then there is Jim jeremy al wren tony kraiggy jamie from X- TOWN and many many more... we dont act tough so stop hatin....... TR
by TR March 12, 2004
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Keep it real team redline...,represent what u do and dont let wannabees let u guys down..i kno when shits real team redlines chill and you guys jus seem like u r having fun and chillin keep things real.
team redline
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This whole things fucked.. eveyone back the fuck off of TR and end the shit.. its getting old.. honestly sometimes it might look like they are trying to be better then other people because of the shit they got.. but that doesnt give us room to say shit about them all the time.. yeah its kinda gay having gangs in amesbury.. but this is a "Team" there not hurting anyone.. leave them be.. all the lil thugs of amesbury say shit obviously TR's gonna say shit back but when they do there the "faggots".. more like our lil amesbury thugs are the fags.. at first im gonna admit i found these entrys amusing.. now its getting carried away and FUCKED UP theres gonna be fights and all this shit... we need to grow the fuck up.. TR didnt do anything to anyone... let it fuckin go
by Grow Up March 16, 2004
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