A perfectly normal erotic activity involving a guy slurping cum out of another guys belly button.
Bruce: "Hey sissy boys, I'm about to cum."

Gary: "Oooooh, cum in my belly button."

Steve: "Yeah cum in his belly button and I'll slurp it out."

Bruce: "We'll play tea cups!"

Steve: "Uh, but will you think I'm gay if I do this?"

Gary: "No we're all macho guys. We'll just pretend we're playing sports!"
by the original tea cup September 18, 2010
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That which receives the Tea Bag.
Man, you see that Tea Cup over there? I threw my ballbag at her...
by My__Dixie__Wrecked December 01, 2010
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A man's genitals. Originated from the Japanese singer Gackt when in an interview, he stated that he enjoyed balancing a teaset on his crotch while taking a shower Matrix style.
Me: So, how's your teacup this evening?
Guy: What the hell are you talking about?
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When someone grabs a fart then releases into someone's face, their hand is usually in the form of a teacup.
He just took a sip of my tea cup.
by Austen the Puerto rican March 30, 2006
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A female whore who sleeps with every man she sees hoping to get money from them.
Dude I can't belive he's with Cayce she is such a teacup.
by Lion/of/Destiny July 31, 2010
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If you dont know what a teacup is
I believe theres no hope for you

A teacup is a holder/container for liquids
It is usually smaller than a normal cup or glass and was originally used for tea, as the name states
"I will throw this Teacup at your face if you don't shut up."
by B!tchL@s@gn@ January 01, 2020
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The act of someone sneaking up to you while your sleeping and putting your balls into their mouth. It's like teabagging but the opposite.
I woke up during a wet dream with someone "tea cupping "my balls!
by here2fixu May 21, 2010
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