When you think you have a chance at scoring only to get rejected in the end.
Man: Hey, do you want to go out?
Woman: No thanks.

Random Guy: Holy shit.
Random Dude: That dude got Tayshaun'd.
by Doomz4Prez October 12, 2004
When something comes out of nowhere to completely change everything
John thought he was going to hook up with the girl until some other dude Tayshauned her away.
by JFA May 7, 2005
Small Forward for the Detroit Pistons. VERY cute and is well known for his big block against Reggie Miller's ALMOST tying layup, giving possession to Detroit to win the game. Also known as Tay. Kind of skinny, 6`9 and 215 lbs. Has a wingspan of 7`2. Was put to defend against Kobe in the 2004 Finals. Currently resides in Rochester.
IS that Tayshaun Prince? DAYUM! He's fine!

Tayshaun's blocks leave the other teams speechless.
by Rachel June 19, 2004
the best player currently in the nba.... he could reach his toes w/o even bending down....cuz he has like a 10 ft wingspan...he is the best player ever - even better than michael jordan or jannero pargo
Tayshaun Prince is better than Jason Richardson

Tayshaun Prince is better than Kirk Hinrich
by Greg Ostertag June 2, 2005
1) Overrated fuck on the Detroit Pistons.
2) A term for a person who is anorexic. Also known as a Rip Hamilton.
"Holy shit Mommy, look at that skinny ass dude walking down the street!"
"Don't worry son, that's just Tayshaun Prince."
by Marcus Reed October 13, 2006
Average player on the Detroit Pistons. Needs to eat a little more and go get some boards.
Tayshaun Prince is no Amare Stoudemire.
by Tayshaun Prince May 10, 2005