A nigga that gets all the girls unless they get a lot of like then he only gets nudes he doesn't chase girls unless they start with a t but he can be a player if his main acting out
Tayshaun don't chase no girl
by Ticklewacker76 December 28, 2016
A Tayshaun is a kind carrying emotional nigga. He has waves or curly hair likes mixed girls with curly hair have a good heart but a short fuse. AFTAN TAKEN FOR GRANTED. DELIRIOUSLY FUNNY. Always stands out tends to fuck and say stupid things around his crush or to her. LIKES girls with the following if YOU DONT HAVE THE FOLLOWING YOUR NOT OUR TYPE CURLEY HAIR LIGHT SKIN OR MIXED BROWN EYES SEXY SMILE SEXY AND AMAZING AT EVERYTHING YOU DO. TAYSHAUN IS MANNY THINGS BUT IF PUSHED TENDS TO PULL AWAY DONT TAKE US FOR GRANTED.
by Tayshaun taytay February 1, 2019
In basketball, the act of running down an opposing player from behind on a fastbreak and blocking their layup or dunk just before it would be ruled goaltending. The best example is Tayshaun Prince's famous block on Reggie Miller in the 2004 NBA Playoffs. Hence the name.
You: Did you just see that block?!?!

Me: Yeah, he just got Tayshauned!!!
by #BBN July 27, 2011
His mom will never give you the WiFi password to KFC, but Tayshaun's a good kid... he also is the kind of person you'd see in his weirdest moments whenever you encounter him.
Person 1: Why is Tayshaun slapping his dong on a radiator?
Person 2: That's racist
Person 1: what?
by GreenSplooge September 16, 2015
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by JANATOR December 11, 2018
When you think you have a chance at scoring only to get rejected in the end.
Man: Hey, do you want to go out?
Woman: No thanks.

Random Guy: Holy shit.
Random Dude: That dude got Tayshaun'd.
by Doomz4Prez October 12, 2004
When your arms are not proportional to the rest of your body, allowing a person be clumsy and awkward.
Nick just broke yo mom's lamp with his arms. Man, he got Tayshaun Syndrome.
by Z to the G January 5, 2009