A utopian state of the economy in which the economy is sustained solely by the taxes collected from various sources
Taxonomy is possible only if we can eliminate corruption completely.
by manuscrypts January 12, 2009
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As tax-filing season arrives upon the US, every year delivers the same surprising fact that, indeed, this includes you too.
“The filing deadline’s tomorrow. Did you do yours? Cuz you look too chill.”
“Yes! I paid someone to do them. The taxonomy mnemonic you suggested (TAX-OH NO!-ME!) helped me remember.”
by madcopywriter July 11, 2021
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What Larry Gus knows what he feels
A quote from taxonomies ( I think this is it): “I know what I feel, so.”
by Celerez October 18, 2020
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A stupid, overcomplicated, and outrageous way of classifying whether my toe is different than somebody else’s or the tree I my backyard. Also known as making students spent countless hours on end researching at home and struggling to understand how a giraffe is different than a godforsaken potato plant.
My taxonomy class caused a Mexican food crap to fire itself onto my ass like a torpedo even though I didn’t eat any Mexican food.
by TaxonomicHater September 3, 2021
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