Taxmas is a period after the end of the financial year when you get your tax return. It's a good way to justify spending lots of money .
May: Taxmas this year was awesome, I got myself a bunch of new rock climbing gear! What did you get?
Mike: Some hookers.
May: sweet.
by Yaro July 31, 2008
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Taxmas is when an individual has gotten something that they wanted for Christmas but obtained it earlier, therefore warranting that this person may be one present short, if not presentless at all
John: I recently bought that new video game I wanted.

Jack:..oh man.. your mom is gonna taxmas on your butt. I heard she bought you it already for christmas!



Wife: I bought the shoes that I had been asking for Christmas

Husband: I guess I'll have to return the ones I bought you and use the money on myself
by Sarobi December 20, 2012
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A colloquial term for the time of year when broke parents can finally afford to buy their kids the Christmas presents they told their kids Santa couldn't get them, which is also known as being too broke to buy shit and still pay bills.
Santa tried really hard, but he couldn't bring you a new bike this Christmas, but we'll get you a cool one for Taxmas, and you can even pick it out.
by MysticMomma83 December 24, 2022
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