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The most beautiful girl in the world.

The craziest girl in the world.

She has the potential to be the best girlfriend in the whole universe but if you break her heart she'll blow up your house with a petrol bomb.

She is one of those girls that looks innocent but is extremely freaky.
Phil: Dude, You and Tatum have something special.

Josh: Yeah man, we had our ups and downs, she blew up my house once, but I love her.
by Grandpa Howard May 16, 2019

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A handsome man with a charming personality. All the girls love him. But he only has eyes for the beautiful Tatum.

He is literally the most intelligent man in the world. People compare him to L from Death note.
Guy : Man I hate Joshua La Foy

Guy two: Why?

Guy: Because my girlfriend said he's better looking than me
by Grandpa Howard May 12, 2019

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A guy who has a PHD in tuckshop work.
He is personified by his use of the catch phrase "whatever"
Josh: Hey Poncho, how are you today?

Poncho: whatever
by Grandpa Howard May 12, 2019

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An extremely logical person. He is very good looking and often finds himself in a state of depression because he struggles to find people that are on a similar intellectual level to him such as Josh. He is often compared to Near from Death Note and has a thing for Dark skinned girls.

Austin can often be found in Hime Street visiting his girlfriend Gerry or in a liquor store.
Austin Valentine : How much for the apartment darling ?

Cashier: Sir this a liquor store.
by Grandpa Howard May 12, 2019

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A Person of indistinguishable gender. He/She frequently compares people to his/her ex. He/She frequently refers to themself as a "Fairy Troll".
Person: Hey Kayla, what's the time?

Kayla Cuntworthy: Grrrr I'm a fairy troll

Gary Neville: Oooooooooooohhhhh
by Grandpa Howard May 12, 2019

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A pseudo intellectual of indistinguishable gender. He/She is known for high levels of cuntness and fuckery.
Steve: It's a bird!

Marty: It's plane

Max: wait... wtf is that ?

Gary Neville: I think it's Kayla Norsworthy

Steve: Is that a guy or a girl?

Gary Neville: Yes.
by Grandpa Howard May 20, 2019

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A person who is devoid of all logic. She usually obsesses over guys named Matthew or Josh.

She is probably the most handsome female who ever lived.
Dude: Hey Monique

Monique: I can't talk right now, I'm too busy obsessing over Matthew and Josh
by Grandpa Howard May 12, 2019

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