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When you go out and drink every strong alcoholic drink straight if not out the bottle to the point that you wake up with no shoes, no memory, no idea of how you got from the bar in down town to the floor of your aunts house, or with a 6in second degree burn on your arm, you're still drunk dialing people at 10am, and you manage to go to church at 11am. If you drink like that you drink like a Natalie Tatie Mier.
Friend-"Fuck dude what happened to your arm!"
Tatie-"Dude I have no fucken idea. Kinda looks like an iron"
Friend-"Your flesh is peeled off and melted! You didn't feel that!?"
Tatie-"Nope. Hell I don't remember how I got in bed".
Friend-"Yea you got Tatied"."I got Tatied last friday".
by Tatiehatesyou July 29, 2011
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