A word used to label Andrew Tate fans.
She likes Andrew tate?
Yeah, she's a total fan.
Wow, what a tatertot.
by KanraStar September 24, 2022
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An unbearable mindless fanboy of Andrew Tate that holds him and everything that he does in the most highest esteem. They themselves are usually full of self doubt, issues or nothing like Tate only aspiring to be him and thus latch to him virulently. Nothing Tate does can be seen as wrong, losing or bad. Anyone who challenges him is either threatened by his masculinity, lacks masculinity or is weak and a hater. Disagreeing with Tate or his followers also means you secretly love him and are in denial.

Tatertot's are a similar cult like breed to the Belieber though based more around masculine man love appreciation than teenage heart throbbing. The effects and results are similar none the less. That their idol is an infallible demi god of a human and that anyone who does not agree with them or attacks their idol is a heretic non believer that must be attacked for their transgression. Usually by means of Twitter and fruitless boycotts.

It is not yet known if like the Belieber this effect will pass in time with aging as unlike the Belieber many Tatertot's are grown men and thus it may not be a "phase" to grow out of. Thus it may require cult like deprogramming. The falling of their idol with not likely effect this as it is expected Tate would become a martyr held in veneration instead. More research and time is needed to determine the long-term trajectory of the Tatertot.
Mike: Hey phil what's up with Tyler lately he keeps talking about dominating women, acquiring wealth and power endlessly to me.
Phil: Oh yea, he's turned into a total tatertot. Just ignore it.
Mike: Gonna tell him to stop preaching to me as it sounds like BS if you ask me.
Phil: Yea don't do that. I did and now he won't talk to an emasculate beta threatened by Tate living rent free in their head.
Phil: Sounds like a win ima go tell him what I think.
by Doobiius December 30, 2022
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Tatertots are made of potatoes, usually, and are well known in North America as a type of side dish. They are shaped like rectangular blocks, and taste like hash browns.

Their life cycle: taterbaeb, tatertoddler, tateykiddy, taterdult, tatertot.

Relative cousins: potato chips, potatoes, etc.

mashed tatertot - tired
tatertotally! - complete agreement

When tatertots ace a health checkup, they will evolve into ace-tate.
by JerBerBot October 12, 2014
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A hot as bitch that also happens to be short and thicc. They’ll also often request to be covered in cheese before sex.
Bro, I went home with Jen last night and learned she is a total Tatertot.
by t Franc Vandy February 18, 2018
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An absolute smoke show that’s dumber than a box of rock
She’s a tatertot. She really nice to look at but don’t want to talk to her
by Nightfsbjtvsjv July 20, 2020
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A nickname or food. This person is very athletic or retarted. this person is usually very popular and cute af
by Screw u... November 29, 2017
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A super high guy. Sometimes can mean a gay person.
Whats up, Tatertot?

Dude, that guy is a total Tatertot.
by tom tom tom October 19, 2006
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