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Tasneem is a beautiful person. She is caring, loving, spiritual and is an understanding person. Even when she has her own problems, she makes her way around it to take care of your problems first. Tasneem is the most beautiful girl ever. When you compliment Tasneem, she would always deny it,, but she knows deep down she’s beautiful. Tasneem, i don’t know if you’re ever gonna read this but you’re the bestest best friend i could ever ask for! -daisy
- Who’s that girl?
-That’s Tasneem, she is beautiful but insecure. She looks shy but once you get to know her, she’s really nice:)
by ddyyxtara41460 June 07, 2018
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usually, a girl named tasneem, is very sophisticated and beautiful. she most likely has an awesome personality. and is definitely SUPER FINEEEE. gorgeous eyes, enchanting smile, cute laugh. but is too good for any guy :)
the girl of your dreams.
girl: DAMN i wish i was Tasneem. she's so pretty.

boy: i wish i HAD Tasneem <3 . <3
by monalisssssssa December 07, 2010
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the girl everyone loves and is charmed by. the girl everyone wants to marry. the girl you fall for and never get over.
I love Tasneem so much. I cry myself to sleep knowing that I will never know if Tasneem loves me back because I can't tell her...
by ragaemo July 27, 2010
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an amazing person who simply does nothing but listen and help. a girl who has a great personality would be named this.
man hav u met tasneem, shes too cool
by rezzy April 08, 2005
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a super attractive, classy, wildly sexy girl who can get men just by glancing at them. guys fight over her - they just want her all to themselves. she has a realllll fine ass too.

Tasneem just made me come...just by looking at me.
by jjBIGS April 24, 2010
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A sexy lil bitch that fucks your mom is into the Lebanese. Tasneem always eats ass, she also loves to eat plastic. She likes to read the newspaper while sitting with her 3 chums. She likes to look at memes by the daily. She enjoys raw potatoes 🥔.
Tasneem is a cool person.
by K.C_001 May 06, 2018
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