A religion named after Taran who is the all father of the world and his bible is in the hands of kids and there pornography covered minds
Taranism is a religion
by Ghost powdered February 27, 2017
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she stole me a pair of taran tarans from the mall.
made popular by E-40
by Gabriel Lechuga May 18, 2006
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underwear, thonglike..
by Rob J June 18, 2005
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"Taran" is a name of Welsh origin, and it means "Thunder". It's a name commonly given to both boys and girls. She/he is feisty but also has a big heart and if they care for you THEY CARE FOR YOU. Taran is known for being pretty, loyal and one of the best people in general. If you know one, keep them close!
Oh man, this Taran is the best thing that ever happened to me!!
by anonymous4144 February 5, 2019
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Taran (pronounced Tah-ran, not Tar-rahn) known to always be tired; is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is not shy but she is sweet, genuinely caring and brings out the best in everyone around her.

Once you are in her aura you immediately realise she is trustworthy and humble, whether intentionally or not - everyone that knows Taran has become a better person because of it.
Don't get her name wrong it's Taran not Tarran!
by TopSecretIdentity December 22, 2019
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The part of a female's body that men cannot take their eyes off of. Especially, if the female has been blessed.
I met this heffer the other day and she had the biggest taran tarans' a nigga eva laid eyes on.
by VoStyle October 12, 2004
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Hes an Amazing, Hilarious, and secretive fello. He will cheer you up no matter the situation and will help whenever you ask or will sometimes just help you without you asking.

He tends to be lost no matter where he is, hes sometimes confused and people around him can get a bit frustrated or get a good laugh out of it.

He is also the dude who gets targeted in a group of his close buds for example, it could be a normal day at work talking amongst work colleagues and Taran is usually the first to get targeted or pointed out. Yet Taran isnt phased nor suprised what is happening, he sometimes laughs along or targets someone else and the opposite person gets ten times the heat (10x the roast)

A Taran is usually seen wearing dad clothes and is father material or others would probably put it *DADDY MATERIAL* , father at day and daddy at night ;) He is usually seem with folded arms, dad hair cuts, wears glasses, or usually is seen wearing the same clothing when hes around.

Being friends with a Taran is the best depending on who you are as a person. A group of humorous and hyper people will keep a Taran awake or feeling comfortable. Telling jokes or a funny story to Taran would either go one way or another. Either into one ear and out the other or he either tells the whole world how you face planted infront of your crush in 9th grade. Dont worry he doesnt always tell off secrets off, if its very important he will keep it to himself or either TRY to anyways.
Yall hear something... that laugh sounds familiar...

Taran must be around somewhere...
by shankyahmah-dur July 25, 2019
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