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Ancient Egyptian for "he who possesses a remarkable chode." Taran is currently a name for a young man who reeks of self-confidence and is tall, dark, handsome and financially successful. He lives life a quarter mile at a time. Women have been known to become pregnant merely by standing in his presence. A Taran is perhaps best known for his amazing ability to pleasure women with his enviable chode.
Girl 1: That guy over there looks like a Taran.

Girl 2: Yeah, he's definitely got a fatty chode.
by ChodoSaggins November 10, 2011
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wow just simply amazing noone can get enough of him....always seen with "someone" with someone he has a "thing" with.. people wish they could be friends with him and other people wish they could be with him .. he is sexy has amazing eyes and normaly has awesome friends..
and he is just so cool you cant resist
that hot guy is such a taran
that girl is lucky to have a taran
by taran c March 23, 2008
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Taran is an extremely popular phrase used by thousands to describe their upmost horniest desires. Just the whisper of the name taran in a girls ear sends them wild leaving you practically swimming with how wet they are. All the females can think about when hearing this sexy beasts name is choking on his gigantic dick till he cums so hard it hits their eyeballs. When a girl gets absolutely destroyed when fucking taran their vaginas have a second period lasting two weeks because of how rough he fucked them and are left paralysed from the waist down in a wheel chair.
Omg... look it's taran his dick is so big I heard last week he left three girls in wheelchairs.
by Im the real truth April 17, 2017
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Taran is a human who is known as Taran Singh Mann sometimes and he likes wearing goggles while playing basketball
Wow look at that Singh! He must be a Taran!
via giphy
by Lil Pumpii May 05, 2018
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Someone who has had there head ran over by a train
by koolkoolkool123 June 25, 2016
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A certain eight legged arachnid who sucks small tooties for a living which goes by the name of mini RAN
Duck me it's tarantula crawling it's way into my tootie frootie sandwich fockkkk
by Sjsjoijdbdbdhjdbeych January 12, 2018
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