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Out of a group of people "Tapasya" is the guy who is extremely handsome and highly intelligent. You should never mess with a "Tapasya" because if you do you'll get your ass whupped.
Bob: Yo Tapasya! You suck!

Tapasya: What did you just say to me?

Bob lies dead in a gutter
by Ispeakthetruth_ March 28, 2012
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A person who is extremely smart, talented, and handsome. He may be annoying at times but can be your best friend and when spoken to face-to-face, is the most considerate person. Usually a jack-of-all-trades and can perform many tasks no matter how difficult they will be. They also have a unique and amazing hairstyle and are the closest person you'll ever meet to being perfect
That boy is such a tapasya, he is so cool and i envy him so much.
Zac Efron has tapasya hair, its so smooth and silky and unique.
by Mega-turd January 18, 2013
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A man who is a bad mutha. Most likely a ninja or some other bad ass profession, such as elected official, super-athlete or even C.E.O. of your mom. A Tapasya is a cold blooded bandit with the future in his eyes and fire spewing from his mouth.

A Tapasya usually makes good money, certainly more than you, yet your not exactly sure how. An enigma will spontaneously combust if ever to come into contact with a Tapasya.

A Tapasya can be found in Public places such as cities, towns, or Canadian territories. A Tapasya can also be found in the isolation of the deep wild where he may be pondering ponderous thoughts of the very existence of time and space which would cause lesser men's heads to implode in the manner of a rather disturbing sucking sound.

I digress explaining a Tapasya any further would simply take away from the only pleasure you will know for the next 20 minutes. The basking in of the the thought of the very essence that is. A Tapasya.
Human Being 1: (talking to friend) ... so you cannot know where exactly an electron is in an atom as - WHOA! That... that guy over there... (pointing weakly at a Tapasya) he... he is just so...

Human Being 2: Oh my god... (panting) he... he is such... such a bad ass mutha... I think... I just... turned gay, oh (faints)

Human Being 1: (panting) are you okay... I... he is... he is just such a bad ass... I...I can't even... even remain conscious... (faints)
by Death Megatron 3000 April 16, 2013
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