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to perform sexual acts with -- not necessarily intercourse.
Would you tap that?
oh yeah, i'd tap that.
by wordmasta42 June 23, 2005

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adj. of, from, or relating to the anus.
adj. to describe an uptight OCD-esque person who may or may not twitch when you do something wrong; A perfectionist.
n. short name for anal sex, or penetration of the anus (butt fuck). common among gay men and some heterosexual couples. not as enjoyable for many women but with a lot of lube it's better.
1. ug i have like anal herpes or something, cause my butthole is itching like woah.
2. A LITTLE TO THE LEFT PLEASE! *twitch* sorry, i get a little anal about things like this.
3. he keeps asking me to do anal but it hurts!
by wordmasta42 July 08, 2005

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the most arrogant rich obnoxious county in new york. full of WASPs who act politically correct against their will and make $200,000+ a year.
I hate living in westchester life sucks to be rich because no one understands my problems.
by wordmasta42 June 22, 2005

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a thick line of hair on men going from belly button straight to pubes. it's kindof gross but appealing.
i knew he was a firecrotch from his red happy trail.

i found a grey hair in my happy trail this morning!
by wordmasta42 July 24, 2005

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