Definitions one and two are both complete bullshit. There is one definition for TAO .. Taking Advantage Of. This is an art commonly practiced by legends all over the world. The process is very simple; intoxicate a cute little girl (preferably younger) and after she has lost her right of free will, Take Advantage Of her. (TAO) TAOing was originated in DELCO
drink more, drink more, drink more, now bend over
by KING TAO March 24, 2005
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King TAO is the absolute man. First and foremost he has mastered the art of tao'ing. Second, he is man enough to leave his name. He resides in delco and yes, enjoys drinking brew. He also is infamously known for dominating the St. Denis BullDawgs in a 3 touchdown/100+ yard performace. Simply put, TAO, is a self made legend.
Hey Yooo TAO, pound that natti
by The Number 1 Stick April 09, 2005
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1.BaBo spammer who likes to spam in all forums
2.Embargo lover
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
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An incredible, beautiful, amazing, talented, caring, loving, adorable and wonderful girl. She deserves the whole world, solar system, universe and more. She is always looking out for her friends and they appreciate her so much for that. She doesn't realise how amazing she truly is but she is. Tao is the best friend you could ever have and that is a fact.
Your friend is amazing! What's her name? "Tao".

She's such a Tao (she deserves all the love in the world)
by Taebybaeby February 16, 2019
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A Tao is typically a obnoxious individual who has a very toxic presence in any room he’s in. Taos use their peak toxicity typically in online multiplayer games. Taos are very racist, particularly towards black people and carries a great deal of hate towards African countries. When a Tao is not busy being a conceited piece of shit, they’re busy dickriding individuals who are undeniably better than him.
I hate playing League of Legends with people like Tao
by Jasonchen June 12, 2018
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Often a slut that gets with anybody because they’re really desperate. Steals peoples boyfriends. Biggest dickhead you will ever meet stay away from them
Tao is such a slut
by Frog monster October 03, 2019
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