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Really amazing and sweet girl. Also sassy and savage and can roast people nicely. Many boys like her. She is very pretty but never accepts good things about her and thinks she is bad. She is smart and unique but people never appreciate her. She is cute and good and talented at many things
Oh look tanvi, the cutie is here.
by ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ September 02, 2018
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The most outstanding, amazing, charming and beautiful person that walked on earth.
Without my Tanvi, I am a nobody.
by Prasanth October 18, 2003
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A girl (hypothesis) than feels like she dosnt now anything about life. She is also very self obsessed the fact that she is SMART. She is often associated with her boyfriend -cough- hu is another member of the Tan clan.
Wow there is a tanvi over there

Nidhi- self obsessed tejas u cant talk
Tejas- yeah i can i'm sorry nidhi i wear skinny's but don't meet the your expectation of wearing tights.
P.S I=phone 4-white is not coming in singapore cause they got scared that you would buy it.
Nisha- Guys stop argueing we need to go anti DPS REMEMBER?
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
Tall,slender and delicate woman who is very fast like lightening
Tadit leka tanvim
by krishnapriya November 13, 2003
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