Usally a hot, tall, sexy, guy with dark hair, has a amazing girlfriend, but he chose the uglyest girl ever, hes super sweet, and makes everyones day 20x better (:
damn! i wish i was dating a Tanner
by seacoww November 26, 2011
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A Tanner is something that works out well. When a situation seems bad, but somehow works out really well in the end, that's a tanner
"Dude, I thought that blind date was going to suck, but she was beautiful, and it was rad. The night was a total tanner.
by jimbojonestom October 22, 2007
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A tall, sexy, kinda lanky but muscular man. Usually a ginger but is one of the nicest funniest people in the world.
see that ginger? Looks like a total Tanner
by imonaboat March 01, 2009
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A Hot boy, loves sports, nice, funny, everyone wants to be him, he is one of the nicest person ever, and will not break a girls heart. Very strong and usually has an adorable dog or other animal.
" I wish I was Tanner."
by Baller_02 November 01, 2016
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Tanner is someone who will change your life forever. They're absolutely perfect. They're sweet, generous, loving, and extremely cuddly, like a teddy bear. They're always there for you, and if you let them will love you with all of their heart, always and forever. Tanner is strong, and has the most beautiful brown eyes in the world. The freckle in his left eye will always make you smile, and their warm colour will always make you feel safe. Tanner is a good listener, a great friend, in fact he will be your best friend and the love of your life. Tanners are tall, and give the best forehead kisses. Not to mention kisses in general. Tanner has the softest lips, and his kisses are so sensual and passionate, and for this reason you will always dream of his lips on yours. Tanners are also amazing in bed, and always make you feel good. They are the most selfless people you will ever meet. Tanners are positive and happy people who always find a way to cheer you up, usually involving your favourite comfort food. He's great at Mario Kart, but will let you win once in a while. But overall, Tanner is perfect. You will never meet anyone who makes you fall in love as quickly or as passionately as a Tanner, and there is no one you would rather spend the rest of your life with.
Person 1: Who's that sexy man over there?
Person 2: That's Tanner, isn't he perfect? I'll love him forever and always
by Sarah the Koala Bear May 07, 2017
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A man who doesn't like to make promises. If you happen to date or marry a man or a boy named "Tanner" you are on of the most lucky people on Earth. He will most likely choose a girl who loves music, becausr he would love music also. He would love to play video games, but he would have to teach the girl how to play what he plays. He is very determined at almost anything.
The Tanner that I am dating is one handsome devil.
by ThatOnePerfectGuy95 January 01, 2017
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The weird fag that lives across the street from you, and also seems to be winking at your brother. He goes to the beach with booty-tight pants, and attempts to kiss any guy that has a hint of homosexuality.
Guy: Stay away from Tanner, he tried to fuck the mailman
by Littlepepsi September 17, 2019
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