Fucks like a tiger. Ravenous sexual appetite. Everytime he comes he produces a quart. Makes every woman he sleeps with him sex slave forever.
Wow last night i had sex with a tanner. My room was soaked!
by Mr.Bo-jakels April 18, 2009
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A very very sexy man. A great boyfriend or husband to any girl. Very kind and handsome and great in bed. Tanners usually have a huge dick that is super fun to suck. He will treat a girl right. Ladies if you have a Tanner in your life then keep him.
Tanners dick is huge dude. I wish i was him.
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Tanner is the name for a perfect boyfriend... at least most of the time... He is a family man and is the best at telling jokes. This boy will prefer quiet country life surrounded by animals and his family. Tanner is an angel sent from above and his girlfriend is considered the luckiest person alive in her own mind. He may not be popular but he doesnt care and is happy to be accompanied by the many dogs and horses he has. Tanner is the sweetest, most tender hearted person you will ever meet and is the easiest person to love!
My boyfriend Tanner and i started dating when we were 13!
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by lukeslegacy March 28, 2018
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The hottest, most awesome, sexiest man alive. Every women ever wants to fuck him, and there isn't a man on earth that doesn't want to be him. The End.
Britnei: Man, I wish Tanner was here so I could fuck him.
Stacy: Yeah, me too.
by 6969696969696969 January 10, 2009
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Tanner is the best person you will ever meet. Tanner's eyes are the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. His voice will warm your heart and will make all your worries go away. He seems
and acts tough but he's actually really soft and sweet. Whenever you talk to a Tanner, pay attention to where he's looking. It's either at you or he's focusing on something closely but listening intently. Tanners are amazing and all around the sweetest person you will ever come across.
Person#1- "I met someone amazing today."
Person#2- "Really?! Describe them."
Person#1- "His eyes were so beautiful and his voice was so soft and every word just came out of his mouth perfectly."
Person#2- "Oh? Wow...You met a Tanner...Didn't you?"
Person#1- "Yes! He was amazing."
by yayheet1784 March 02, 2019
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One of the best people to be around. Tanner has such a big and beautiful smile and it is so contagious. Tall, handsome, amazing eyes, and the best personality. To be around a tanner is lucky but to be best friends with one or be with one is even better. Hes so under appreciated. Tanner is easily attractive to anyone, not only because of his hella fine looks, but his personality. Hes his own person. He can seem rude at first but once you get to know him, he is caring, funny, a family man, and more.
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by Rayna padron October 23, 2019
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When used as a feminine name (rarely) it defines a strong and capable person. Tanner can conquer life's challenges, even the unsurmountable. Tanner has a great sense of humor, beautiful smile, loves to laugh. When Tanner hugs you, the sun shines right over you and envelops you in her warmth. Tanner is a lovely person anyone would be honored to know.
I love Tanner, Don't you?
by honey west February 03, 2010
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