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This girl is the best girl you'll ever meet, she is beautiful, smart, and has many secrets. Stay around her and you'll learn a thing or two.
boy: Dang who is she?

Tanaya's best friend: Thats my bestie stay away
by bubt January 30, 2018
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Tanaya is the type of girl you would be around. She is the one you could fall in love with. She draws a lot and writes books. She is a tomboy and plays with boys. She helps even when she doesn't have to.
Friend: you and Tanaya are cute as couple
Boy: I know

Friend I wish I had a girlfriend like that
by 03LittleLucy01 May 27, 2017
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Someone you can fall in love with; sex is great; possibly the bestfriend you can ever have..spoiled rotten never had to work but did it anyway ; supportive toward her friends and always lending a helping hand.
Tanaya has as a passion for fashion. She's sheltered and spoiled beyond beliefs. The BITCH has everything and thinks her platinum card cures everything..
by Lisasmith August 17, 2011
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