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Best person. Handsome, smart. Has clout at levels non measurable. Very caring but always lit. Everyone wants to be his friend. Loveable and kind, sensitive inside even though he might not look like it. Rebellious. Has a hot girlfriend. Plays games, wears CDGs and supreme. Likes rap music. Gets lit no matter where he is.
“Yoooo Tanay is so lit no cap !!"
Big fax no printer 😤 💯.”
by I am da BEAST November 01, 2018
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An Indian name which means Son or Boy in Sanskrit, Bengali and Gujarati

It is used many times to annotate Ganpati one of the Hindu Gods.
Tanay is a smart guy.
by Numbe3r August 25, 2011
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A cute girl.Always loud,really fun too be around.Always talking about somebody.A really mean girl that keeps people smiking amd laughing.She is really fun to be around.The girl that's mosted hated because she does nothing but speaks her mind.
by Lovegalore2 May 29, 2018
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a province in the philippines, it borders a lake. The philippines is great!

also, tanay is the administrator of interracial relations in India. He frequents the US and hates pakistanis. He is known to love cows and has been a brahmin even in all of his past lives. It goes without saying that this ambassador likes to crack many jokes and tends to belittle pakistanis as much as he can. "i hate pakistanis, i dont like those cock sucking assholes"

Also, tanay owns a farm with numerous cows and is the local god
"aeyesha, NO." tanay likes to say.

Tanay has many cows, yay!
by Paki lover April 21, 2006
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An African American name for girls , most are very pretty loud and ghetto.
T'Anay how you doing ?? :)
by Tanisha Sharon January 27, 2017
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