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Tamy is short for the name Tamara, but many do now think Tamara fits this extraordinary young women, and Tamara sounds like a ghetto black girl. Tamy sightings have often occurred in various movie stores on the weekends, she enjoys any movie that she can indulge in and think critically of for an hour or so. A Tamy is someone who's been through quite a bit in her short life but takes it in her stride. Tamys naturally beautiful(inside and out) and have a sixth sense in fashion that is different than others, but is still accept it by all. The typical Tamy is kind to all and everyone loves her but she still looks down upon herself most of the time. None the less a Tamy is someone who is recommended in everyone's life
Bill:Man, my girlfriend is so amazing, I think she's almost qualified enough to be a Tamy.

Cornholio: Naw man, I've only met one Tamy in my life and take my word, your girlfriend is NOT a Tamy, and honestly your girlfriend is a down right whore and steals our food after you have sex with her. I thought she was the one....I thought she was you know? A Tamy

Cornholio: Nope

Tamara Tammy Beautiful
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