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A stupid high lord tool who really needs to just die already. Has stupid tanlines and is probably mated with amarantha since they are *totally* compatible with each other. A traitor to the spring court cuz he decided to go off with an even bigger dingbat, the king of hybern, idiots. Either way he’s a stupid tool with tanlines who should just fuck off
Person 1 - you are such an idiot. No that’s an insult to idiots. You’re a... a....”

Person 2, an intellectual - “I believe the word you are looking for is..... Tamlin....”
by Feysand_over_all February 25, 2018
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A very funny individual, specialising in puns. Great physique, especially the Gluteus Maximus. He always has the ability to make you feel better & to put things into perspective. He is also an exceptionally good cook, always insisting you get your daily requirement of vegetables. Widely regarded as the perfect male specimen.
Girl 1 - "He knows all the best jokes & he made me a really good roast, but it was his buns I was really interested in."
Girl 2 - "Sounds like you've snagged yourself a Tamlin."
by dellranga January 28, 2012
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A person who jumps on a bandwagon, without any comprehension as to what they are doing.
'i go for manchester united"

'your such a tamlin'
by Pie147 January 27, 2009
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The man of pure strength and knowledge. He can easily annihilate an entire nation in one punch, man. The sheer pressure he possesses in unfathomable and his charm has any girl or boy in his radius instantly fall in love with him. The aura that surrounds his body is filled with nothing but Power.
Girl 1: Is that him?!
Girl 2: Tam Lin!!!
Girl 1: I need his body, I'm so wet.
Girl 2: Aughhhhhhh! (Squirts violently)
by The SexiestDudeYouKnow January 16, 2019
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