It's when someone makes you angry and you Talk Back,
for example your getting bullied by teenagers and you just snap
Talk Back is when you talk back to almost anyone that makes you snap, or mad
for example:
bully: Your life is so sad, ahhahah
Y/N: well because your in it!
bully: well fight me then!
Y/N: but that would be animal abuse
bully: ....alright i give up
by ApplePie_1 June 15, 2021
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When your parents are arguing with you and you say something that proves your right
Parent: why cant you do anything right?!

You: im sorry im not perfect

Parent: quit talking back
by phoenix650924 December 18, 2016
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Defending or explaining yourself to any authority figure
Parent: why didn't you clean your room today?!?!?!

Me: I'm sorry! I had 6 hours of homework

Parent: Stop talking back!
by PoppyCock. 8=D May 30, 2017
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A stupidass comeback your parents use when you have a correct answer to a question or a way to desolate a situation.
"Wouldn't it be better if-"
"Don't talk back to me!"
"But I thought it-"
"I said stop talking back to me young man!"
"Fine, ill sto-"
by Lil_Worst March 28, 2020
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(1.) An asinine term said by fucked up authority figures, who think age should trump critical thinking, common sense, honest dialogue, or any sense of reasonableness.

There's a reason no adult accuses another adult of "talking back". It's as stupid as accusing a bird of chirping. If an adult wants to tell another adult they're being disrespectful, they use the term, "talking smack."

"Talking back" in contrast, is just the natural response anyone should expect, when they direct their words at another person. If someone does not wish to have a response to the things they are saying, furniture, inanimate objects, and non-human animals are available.

(2.) An adult example of regression, in which age is used as an excuse to not give an adult response, and instead basically tell someone to shut up.
Person A: Stop talking back to me sunny boy!

Person B: Okay. Your wish is my command. *executes 6 month vow of silence*
by Olive989 March 9, 2023
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Attempting to reason, make a point, or clear up misunderstandings with adults, often leading to getting in trouble.
Don't start talking back to me
by et-ATK April 27, 2023
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Term news stations use to refer to a shorter type of interview
Producer: Hey director, did you press record for that fantastic talk back we just did with the new Mayor?
Director: Sorry, I forgot to hit record, it will never happen again.
by mitselfckmaster August 9, 2021
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